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Ebonie “Eve” Smith is a dynamic and accomplished entrepreneur who has successfully ventured
into several industries. With a primary focus on filmmaking, Ebonie has established her own
film company, Virtue Films, Inc., and runs an entertainment company offering event planning,
artist management, and development services.
Ebonie is a retired Army Veteran who has received numerous accolades for her outstanding
service. Her remarkable contributions to the military have been recognized by former President
Barack Obama, who awarded her a Lifetime Achievement Award.
With a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from St. Joseph’s University in Brooklyn, NY,
Ebonie graduated with a 3.5 GPA, demonstrating her commitment to academic excellence. Her
love for travel has taken her across the globe, where she has gained diverse cultural perspectives.
Ebonie’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident through her co-ownership of a food service company
called The Out Lounge, LLC, which she operates with her mother. The company is renowned for
providing delicious food and drinks to customers.
Moreover, Ebonie is an artist developer, dedicating her time to work closely with talented
individuals, helping them to achieve their full potential in the entertainment industry. Her
experience in the industry and unwavering commitment to excellence make her an asset to any aspiring artist.
Ebonie is also an accomplished author with a series of children’s books that will be released
soon. Through her books, she hopes to inspire and instill important values and life lessons

in young children.
As the CEO and founder of D York Productions, Inc.,

Ebonie specializes in creating engaging and
entertaining content across various platforms.
Despite her numerous accomplishments,

Ebonie remains humble and committed to working
with others. She understands the value of collaboration and strives to help others achieve their”

EVE Smith

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